Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Feisty Old Folks

I like feisty old folks.

 Two of them where featured on the news this morning. This couple reside in North Carolina where a man with a rifle showed up on their doorstep demanding the keys to their vehicle.  The lady said "Hell no, I'm not giving you the keys" so the man shoved the gun in her face and replied "Yes, you will". She called for her husband Neil who at 84 grand old years slammed the man with the door and proceeded to the yard taking the robber down.

Neil is an ex-military cop and one tuff old bugger. The police where shocked when they arrived on the scene.

 The woman with sparkling eyes talking about her husband said "You should have seen him when he was twenty"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Positive Influence

             I've been thinking about my uncle Randy. He has always been a positive influence in my life. He always has a smile and sparkle in his eyes as he is off on a new adventure either delivering mail or climbing MT. Saint Helens to write articles for magazines and newspapers.
         The day uncle Randy graduated from college I was just a little girl but I remember the green trees, manicured lawns, pristine buildings and sidewalks surrounding the college in LA Grande, Oregon. The feeling of new beginnings that hung in the air.
           Sometimes I day dream of going to a nice college. Spending time discussing philosophies and world matters with colleges. I never did this but have encouraged our daughter Dawn to pursue a college education. She has finished her first semester studying biology at North West College in Wyoming.
          Try to remember to be positive in your life. You never know who will be watching and how many lives you are influencing.