Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's old is new again

   My favorite vest has been falling to pieces. It had been snagged on to many barbed wire fences I have scrambled through while out on adventure. The duct tape I had been trying to hold the feathers in with was failing.
     This Marmot vest was found at a yard sale years ago and has kept me cozy and warm on my adventures ever since, skating, skiing, hiking and exploring. Something had to be done to save it!
      My mind turned to the Pendleton Wool remnants I had stuffed in my closet. My friend Jan and I made a trip to the Pendleton Woolen Mills and where lucky enough to be there at the right time to take a tour and purchase these wonderful wool scraps. I found the perfect piece to complement my vest and got busy sewing.
I see many more adventures in our future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turkey Trot

Tom Turkeys are out strutting their stuff
Trying to impress the ladies.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Project Bag

Here is my new project bag. I just finished it this afternoon and am quite pleased with the results. Now I can carry projects about with me where ever I go. It has pockets on the back & Velcro to keep it closed so all my goodies don't fall out.

I have been working sporadically on this piece of embroidery for years. Not because it was hard or took along time to do but partly because I kept it in a cuboard and didn't bring it with me to work on. My new bag should solve that problem. I love to embroidery. My sister Paula gave me this "Crab Hill" embroidery pattern "Autumn Cornflowers" It was a fun project to embellish with beads and paint.
Now I can't wait to fill my project bag & get started on a new endeavor.

What crafty projects have you been working on?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

 Who, Who, Can you see who's here? This cute little owl landed in the tree outside our kitchen window last night. He was only about seven inches tall. quite small for an owl and looked like a little
fluff-ball sitting in the tree.
Look out your window.
What do you see?
Any interesting creatures?
What could they be?  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Super Delux Ice Fishing Machine

   As we where out tagging calves yesterday afternoon we herd the BRRRR of a helicopter overhead. Looking skyward we spotted a bright red flying machine.

       Souri was worried. She is frightened of big birds and flying objects.

  This whirly-bird landed on Antelope Lake right in front of our farm yard. A man and boy emerged from this machine. They brought out their auger, drilled holes in the ice and proceeded fishing.
What a totally awesome ice fishing machine!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


    April,13th and once again we are in the midst of another blizzard. I have become convinced this winter will never end. Spring will never arrive to our God forsaken land.
     Our huge pile of firewood we started out with this fall has dwindled to only a few pieces. The starving deer are devastating the hay stacks. Hundreds of them trying to get sustenance to make it through this long winter. Nothing scares them away, not bullets, four wheelers, explosives or dogs. this is the only place they can find food to eat. The  grass lay hidden under the drifts cold and frozen.
      A few geese venture north to find only frozen lakes. So turning around dishearteningly they head south again hoping to have enough fuel in their tired bodies to make the hundreds of miles back to green grass and blue waters before malnutrition sets in.
          Hopefully this is not a re-run of 1816 "The year without a summer" which affected New England states and devastated places in Europe.
The trees where all leafless
The mountains where brown
The face of the country was scathed with a frown.
And bleak where the hills
And the foliage sere
As had never been seen
At that time of the year.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rooster on the Loose

  It got up to 40 degrees yesterday so I decided to take advantage of the nice spring like weather and clean the chicken coop. The first thing this rooster did was head for his favorite tree. He and his following Bantam's didn't want to go back in the coop when darkness fell.