Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice Fishing

 Ice fishing is the pass time of choice around here. Sports men and woman can't wait to get out on that frozen tundra. Ice augers roar to life drilling ten inch holes down into the cold water. Last week there where so many ice houses out there it looked like a small village. They ventured out early in the morning and some of them stayed until ten or eleven at night. The fish must have really been biting that night.
I have heard stories of children falling through the holes and being pulled out by their hair.
Ice houses can run from 20 to 50 thousand dollars. You can get them with satelight dishes, fish finders and alarms that ring when you have a bite. (That's in case you're watching TV or playing cards instead of watching your pole)
Our ice house is a Roth Construction model that becomes a deer hunting blind in the fall.


  1. No falling through the ice, you hear me?! Have you been out there? Caught anything?

  2. oh my! I don't think I'm tough enough for that! I'll just over here in little ol' Virginia were there a no ice holes to fall through!

  3. Whew! I always thought ice fishing looked scary! Do you guys have many instances of falling through? Or are there mostly smart fisherpeople out there?