Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Time in North Dakota

I woke up this morning with Johny Horton's "Spring Time in Alaska" playing in my head.
I mushed into Fairbanks. The City was a Boom.
Took a little stroll to the Red Dog Saloon.
I walked in the door. The music was clear.
The prettiest voice I had heard in two years.
The song she was singing made a mans blood run cold.
When it's spring time in Alaska it's 40 below.
Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Birds should be singing, grass should be growing but not here. We have huge snow drifts and the wind-chill factor for tomorrow night is predicted at 39 below.
 Our first calve of the season was born yesterday. A sweet little Black Angus heifer. we spent all afternoon getting her warm and dry. The poor little thing shivered for hours before we could put her back out with her mama.

Do you think it's true?
Do happy cows really live in California?



  1. I vote that Happy Cows live in California, cuz I grew up in California... Haha There is another guy in my group that is from Orange County, and we always ask each other... "please tell me again why I live in Buffalo?". :p

  2. It was redheaded Lil who was singing so sweet-
    I reached down and took the snowpacks off my feet.
    I reached for the gal who was singing the tune-
    We did the Eskimo Crawl all around the saloon....