Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walk about

   Today was a perfect day for a walk about. So camera in hand I set out to see what I could see.
   The sun was warm on my back. Little tufts of green grass are popping out. The ponds are full of water and the ice is starting to melt off of the lake.
Souri found a great place to go swimming.
Penny enjoyed exploring.
If you get a chance go out & have some fun in the sun.


  1. You sure did have a beautiful day! Was here too and I did spend about an hour outside but doing a little yard work. Your dogs are very cute!

  2. We had our first hot weekend...and a big jump for us considering this is the Seattle area. I couldn't be outside enough. :)

  3. I'll take a walk with you!
    Saturday we walked around Hulda Klager's Lilac Gardens and on Sunday I walked around my gardens, pulling out weeds and picking up piles of mown grass!