Sunday, August 11, 2013

Market in The Park

  Saturday in the park. I think it was the fourth of July. People laughing, people chatting. A man selling ice cream.

      I've been spending Monday evenings in the small town of Anamoose, ND. They have market in the park July through August from 6 pm till 8 pm. I've been setting up a table of wares, painted skulls, porcupine earrings, beaded bracelets and necklaces. There is a container of turkey feathers, farm fresh eggs and what ever produce is ready in the garden that week.

            Anamoose has a great little market. I enjoy getting to know the other venders. Julie who lives up the road from me makes delicious artisan breads, Grandma Volmer sells colorful jars of canned goods, Gerdi and her sisters make kugan, baked goods and the prettiest rugs and pillow cases.

           They serve sloppy Joes, hot dogs and root beer floats. It is a great place to spend Monday evenings. If you get a chance come to Anamoose and spend the evening with us.

Here is the link to my Etsy Shop  where you can check out some of the pieces I am selling.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a nice market. Wish I had something like that near me.

    You have some great items in your store. Those porcupine earrings are quite something unique. Wish I wore earrings, as I'd buy a pair. I did have to snatch that sunshine bracelet though. I never used to wear bracelets but have just started buying myself some this year. Love the colors. Look forward to checking in there once in awhile!