Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Turn the Page Tuesday

Today is "Turn the Page Tuesday" the day some of us book lovers share the books we have read last month.
 "Saltwater Summer" is the first book I read last month.
   This tale of a young man's first summer as a commercial salmon fisherman on the BC coast, written by the renowned fisherman and outdoor adventure writer Roderrick Haig-Brown, has become a modern classic.
      Don Morgan, the seventeen-year-old has made enough money trapping on northern Vancouver Island to realize his dream; he has bought himself a 32-foot west coast salmon troller, Mallard. Now he is free to fish the entire length of the BC coast from Fraser River to Prince Rupert.
    This book caught my eye because my grandpa & grandma Sannar where commercial salmon fisherman off the Alaska coast. We used to drive up to Prince Rupert from Oregon, hop onto the ferry boat and ride to Ketchikan to visit grandma & grandpa.
Sometimes I just need a simple little Mystery to read.
In this book Clair Weatherly has fled a high-stress lifestyle for a slower pace-in Amish country; Heavenly, Pennsylvania. She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in, Clair loves her new home, and she's slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in the shop. So when the store's former owner, the unlikable Walter Snow, is murdered, and the man Esther is sweet on becomes a suspect, Clair can't help but get involved.
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  1. I love books about Amish country... this is one I haven't read so I'll add it to my list!

  2. Ah...good summer reading! Thanks for the recs!

  3. I love to read books set in places I've been. Saltwater Summer going on the list!

  4. It's always great reading about places especially when it's in your family history. I'd have to say mysteries are my favorite. Just loaded up with some more from the Salvation Army.